Establishing "" (Web-design Agency/Studio) in 2005 pushed me beyond my visual design roots into the world of coding, databases and web architecture. Becoming fluent in HTML, CSS & Javascript was a game changer, unlocking the front-end frameworks, libraries and languages that are the building blocks of the web, providing a world of capability to innovate extrodinary things. It was a natural fit.

In the 20 years since, I've built hundreds of websites, online businesses, ecommerce stores, member portals and custom web apps for clients across a wide range of industries. All the while remaining grounded in the business world, understanding each client's brand dynamics and wider objectives to help them reach their online goals.

Skills & Expertise:



We design, develop and help grow online business websites, ecommerce stores and member portals.

DomaIn name registration and DNS management. Website Hosting, Email Hosting, Cloud Backups & Services.


Custom GPT powered AI bots trained on your business/product data to help your customers, your team and yourself.


Today I am focused on AI technology and the use of Large Language Models for business efficiency. I remain available to take on a select number of new website development projects each year. I also provide expert level support and expertise on any domain name related matters, and assist Google Workspace customers to integrate and tailor their deployment.

Above all else, I'm committed to providing my clients the support, knowledge and solutions they need to grow and succeed.